l am very happy to talk with you in detail about your clothing choices and work with you on the day of the shoot to add the final touches. Remember, you may make several clothing changes during the shoot so you may bring different options/combinations to work with.

• Layers. Boys look good in a dress shirt over a t-shirt. Girls look good with cropped jackets and sweaters over long tops.
• Colors. A dash of color in a scarf, pin, hat, collar, necklace, or tie looks great.
• Slightly fitted clothes. On ladies, a fitted top and jeans is much more flattering than loose clothes.
• Colors that are in harmony. Try to keep to a set of colors so that no one absolutely sticks out in your family. Think of blues and greys, browns and greens. oranges and creams….

• Matching outfits. Do you walk around town in matching outfits? I don’t think so… It’s unnatural and it doesn’t suit anyone.
• Keep newborns “in the buff” or very simply dressed, save those adorable outfits and dresses for the older shoots.
• Turtlenecks

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