Your high school graduation is a momentous event and you will want to record all the memories associated with it. One of the most important memories is your senior photography session and the resulting images. These images will be recorded in your high school yearbook and distributed to family and friends as a memento of this significant life event. It’s important to carefully plan for your photography session. By following the steps outlined in this helpful guide, you can have a fun and memorable senior photo session that truly depicts you and your personality

Holly D Photography wants to know who you are and what makes you a unique individual. We want to know your passion. It might be playing, writing, or singing music, kayaking, fashion design, riding horses, sports, drama, or star gazing. Whatever it is, your passion will help us create the perfect theme for
your senior photo session. Write down a few notes describing your favorite things to do, your hobbies, your dreams, and your goals after graduation. Most importantly, tell us how you envision your senior photo session and resulting images. All of this information aids us to design the ideal senior photo session for you and produce images both you and your family will love.

Be Yourself
Your senior photos reflect life at your high school for the four years you attended. This is YOU; right here, right now.
Show Your Style
Choose outfits that reflect your personality, including casual and dressy.
Be Comfortable
The more comfortable you feel the more natural you will look in front of the camera.
Don’t be afraid of textures, patterns, colors, & layers.
Get extra pops of color in accessories-jewelry, hats, scarves, shoes, etc.
I can help you finalize your wardrobe the day of your session and give recommendations.

What About Props?
If you are an artist, play guitar or a budding photographer, are an expert skateboarder or cyclist, or love to go fishing or skiing; you are welcome to bring any items that define your personality, and we will incorporate them into your session. Some seniors like to include their favorite pet in their pictures.

Hairstyle & Grooming
If you plan to get a haircut or color or facial waxing before your photography session, do it several 
days in advance so you know how it will look, skin can heal, and you have time to make any changes you feel are necessary. We highly recommend having a professional style your hair and apply make up for you for your session. This may seem over the top to some but a little pampering and relaxation before your session results in a flawless look. Going a step beyond normal is perfect! Be sure to bring a comb or
brush with you for last minute touchups. 
Hands and nails should be clean and groomed. Girls make sure the polish color, if you choose this, will go well with all of your outfit color combinations or stick to a neutral or clear. Blemishes can usually be touched out, but the professional make up application helps mask these naturally and gives a confidence
boost. If you wear glasses, most opticians are happy to remove the lenses from your glasses and replace them after your photography session. This eliminates any possibility of glare or reflection in your lenses and allows your eyes to really shine through.

Guys – Facial hair should be neatly groomed. Touching up a scraggly beard or mustache is difficult, even for experts. 
Girls – Bring a mirror and all your cosmetics with you for touch ups.
Salon Suggestions:
Lauren Carlson | 715 Hot Heads
Brianna Johnson | The Parlour on Lincoln
Emily Eisenbeisz I Adae Salon
Adeline Wright | Adeline, Inc.
Tawneesh McGhee | Bespoke
And more important than anything,

What should I Bring to my session?
Bring any special item that is unique to you to help showcase your personality! I can also help you finalize your wardrobe, so bring anything you are considering and we can narrow it down together.
Can I bring someone with me on the shoot?
Absolutely! You can bring a parent, friend, or sibling if you feel it will put you at ease. Many seniors come to their sessions solo, as sometimes an audience can make you more nervous- but I am fine with either scenario!
Do you provide hair and makeup services?
I would love to share with you recommended, talented stylists I have worked with in the past. I listed several on the Hairstyle & Grooming section, but I have many other capable stylists to recommend if these are already booked! Professional hair & make up application is highly recommended for your session.
When will my pictures be ready?
Turnaround time is typically about 4 weeks. I do post “sneak peek” images to Facebook earlier than that timeframe.
Can I share the photos on FaceBook?
Yes, please feel free! I only ask that you tag my business page/list photo credit and maintain the logo; no cropping. I also have incentives for getting a certain amount of activity on your preview; ask for more details!
When is payment due?
Session fee is due at the time of our photographic session. Payment for your order is due at ordering time. We can schedule an ordering session or choose your images on your own, whichever is easiest.
Is there anything else I should know?
I am very open to multiple outfits and locations as long as time allows. I can completely orchestrate the session, but if you have requests, please let me know. You will choose your images via an online gallery. Any chosen images will be completely edited, airbrushed as necessary, and are full resolution (you can print quite large from a reputable printer). You may create your own cards, prints, etc. from these files.

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